shooting the sky on my rando bikethe gang is allrighteponymous flag floating highheavy metal parking lot kids on bikes vs cops on firepanic at kidult park

1. Surrender (04:08)
Cheap Trick
2. My Best Friend’s Girl (03:39)
The Cars
3. You Really Got Me (02:35)
Van Halen
4. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace (04:40)
Cheap Trick
5. Come On (Part 1) (04:07)
Jimi Hendrix
6. Just What I Needed (03:43)
The Cars
7. Hello There (01:39)
Cheap Trick
8. Teenage Lobotomy (02:00)
9. Downed (04:01)
Cheap Trick
10. All That You Dream (04:31)
Little Feat
11. Ooh Child (02:55)
Valerie Carter

12. Baba O’Riley (Teenage Wasteland)
The Who

Total Duration: 00:37:58



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